Move on to next excel entry after error

my robot workflow is that it is extracting data from an excel sheet and inputting it into a website. some of the inputs are wrong so the process gets stuck when a warning message pops up and tells me the info the robot typed in is wrong. i am trying first record the error in excel sheet or log it or screen shot it, and then second move on to the next entry if the info is wrong. i have provided the workflow. please edit it or give me a demo on how to solve this. i know you have to use try catch but can someone show me how using my work flow or a sample one.
Medicare Bot.xaml (90.7 KB)

Remove Throw activity from your Catch section. (Highlighted shown below)

yes i did sorry that was just there. but that doesn’t solve anything

please provide edited workflow or sample on how it should be done

instead of while loop,
use For Each Row activity and then use Try Catch inside it.

its the same thing really, i did try that also. but that still doesnt help me with the try catch. can you show me how to continue through the error its happened and record it as well. please use my workflow as a example

Can you share the excel file?

on my mail,

it has some sensitive info, can i ask why you need the excel file

Ok not worry

can you please help me still, i just want the bot to understand that there is an error as the website gives you a message box saying there is, and then move on to the next entry in the excel sheet and input the data as it should.

i cant seem to figure out the the try catch logic or i dont know what it is, but please use my workflow to show me how it can be fixed