Error Capture in Robot

Dear Experts,

Good day.
Am trying to find out if robot able to capture error or any invalid names like if it is empty in the cell, or wrong email name assign, or date could be says input as 33/08/2022, with any error possible that may occurred.

If it is possible, what could be the activities input would be?

Thanks to advise.

Hi Alfred,

to tackle this issues, i suggest we have a good exception handling process,
you can use try catch and do the proceess inside the “try”,

and for the handling of exception you can put it in the “catch”

and also you can choose the next action whether you want to continue ur process/exterminate or stop the process/or maybe do some certain other process if some “condition” on the exception is identified correctly

best of luck ,

Hi @Ahmad_Rais

Thank you for your speedy respond.

Shall look into these activities as you mentioned and revert if any good result.


happy to help ,
let me know if you need any help , i will try my best to help

if the question have been answered please check as “solution” in any of the answer that satisfy you so other can refer to the question and the answer


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