Using Try catch


I have created a sequence with UI Path to copy a list of names from an excel sheet into a web form. On running my sequence, I observed occasional errors, mostly related to data quality. I have since updated my code to include a Try catch activity and instructed the robot which errors I wish to ignore.

I understand in the Catch, I can perform additional activities like write to excel or text file. Is it possible that in the catch I could write out the specific name that was failed to be copied from my excel sheet into either a text file or an excel sheet. This would greatly help with my error handling.



Hi @andrew.haworth

Use append line activity in a catch and write the exception.Message!

It will append it text file each time the exception catches!



Hope you will have a temporary variable holding the name for each iteration. In catch block, print that variable to a text file using append line activity .

Sruthi YNM