Log message or error log

Dear all,

Is there any activity that can use to record or show the error message?

i would like to send an email to myself if certain activity run into error.

i want to know exactly what error.

Please share me some workflow example if have any or any documentation.

Thank you.

Hi @irene0227,

Usually while running the workflow, if there is an exception it throws…

If you are using try-catch it doesn’t. it catches the error and handles it.

If you want to see tat error that is recorded, you can use the global exception handler which is available in uipath studio.

Are you aware of it?

If you want i can build up a workflow for you!!

Hi @irene0227

You can use try catch activitiy for this.

In catch section, catch the particular exception and use exception.Source for getting the name of activitiy where error and exception.message to get details about error.

You can include this in the email.

Hope it helps you


Nived N :robot:

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Thanks for your reply. Yes i heard about this before. But didnt really understand much how to use it.

would really appreciate if you could share me a sample workflow for this.



Thanks for your reply.

Could you provide me a sample workflow on how to do this?

Much more appreciate

Hi @irene0227,

I have created both the workflow for your understanding.

Main workflow - Nived’s Approch to get info of an exception [to see its detail run step by step]

Global Handle workflow [Not GlobalHandler]-> Even in this run step by step and see how it moving between workflow and see output panel for error activity information and exception details and much more.

Let me know, if you need more help on this!!

TryCatch.zip (36.8 KB)


Thanks for your workflow. But i think may be due to my studio version is 2018.4.4

So, some of the activity is missing.

Hi @irene0227,

I have use following packages and activity as shown in screenshot below

@kantheshm Thanks for your fast response. Now i am able to see the workflow.

But i didnt understand the logic of the activities you used in the workflow.

ermm is there any more simple way of doing this?

i am still a beginner in developing the workflow.

Hey @irene0227,
Here is the workflow that is capturing the screenshot of error messages.
Do let me know in case of further help.
E-mail Automation - Sending e-mails (workflow).zip (11.2 KB)

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No issues, try this…

Once you get an exception use in Try Catch block, it atomatically handles thatand moves on to catch block. In catch block you can use write line activity to get info about the error as shown in screenshot below…

PS- Neglect Global handler for now. Look into try catch activity only



But the exception source is only show as this.

Hi @irene0227 ,

Which are the information, you want to get it when exception occur??


sorry for the late reply.

i would like to know the activity name and the error message

Example activity name is save invoice, error message is file path does not exist .

to get the activity name where error occured,

use exception.source

for getting exception details use exception.message

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Hi @irene0227 ,

Do one thing, Just follow the steps below…

  1. On the project where you want to get the exception info-> Click on New-> Click on Global Handler

  2. As soon you did, it ask for an name, just retain the same and hit create.

  3. It opens up that exception handler workflow, remove all the activities inside it & add two log message activity and with a description as this…

Expression used->

  1. Next, save it and close the workflow of GlobalHandler.

  2. In the workflowfrom where you want to see exception detail navigate to that.

  3. If you have enclosed with try catch remove that and Run the workflow[Please note that- Run the Workflow not debug]

  4. Once it is done look into the output panel and let me the result you are getting the same as expected!!

PS- GlobalHandler will not work if you use Try catch activity for the activity which prompts error.

For more info on GlobalHandler, please refer the doc below.

Global Handler

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For this global handler, is it will be show for each and every related sequence and activity before it run into error?

The final one in red is the activity name and error message.

Ermm is there anyway for me to get only the last row. (which is activity name: Read Range-Input Master sheet ; error message: This workbook does not exist)