Error Join table "Column Name" is not set or valid despite column name exist

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to join three datatable into one datatable but I encountered this error:
I’m aware that this error appear only when the specified column name does not exist in the table that i’m trying to filter. I have double check the column names to make sure that there are not typos but everything seems to be fine.

Here are my table i’m trying to join:
1st%20file DT1
2nd%20file DT2
3rd%20file DT3

Here is my join operation down below. As you can see the column name down below match with the table above.

I couldn’t figure out why it still throw me that error even though everything seem to match. Can anybody help me with this? I would greatly appreciate the help.

Join (22.1 KB)
Here is my project file.

Thank you and regards,

Hi @harizd

Your columns in Excel have 1 space after the name.

See the result of two write lines after your first read activity:

dt1.Columns(0).ColumnName + "random string"
dt1.Columns(0).ColumnName.Trim + "random string"


I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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oh my goodness! thank you @loginerror. This was really helpful. I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out what went wrong.

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