"No Column Name" error message when trying to Join Data Tables

Hi I’m having a problem joining my data tables. I keep getting the error message even though I have input the correct names for my columns. I don’t see any discrepancies in the names either (eg: spaces) so I don’t know what else the problem could be. Desperately need help and would be grateful for any suggestions please thank you!

i’m sure it’s because your join data tables not found your column name.


  1. In Join Data Tables, check your Read Range of the dataTable1 & dataTable2

  2. In the Read Range check your excel in which column you put your header (column name) (?)
    if in row 1 of excel, you put the range as A1 like this pic.

  3. Then in the property panel of the Read Range, you checklist the AddHeader… so your Row 1 (A1-Z1) will be recognize as header (column name).

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