Import and joining multiple excel files

I have multiple excel files, and i’m trying to read them and storing them in DataTables with Use excel file, then after I want to join the data tables based on common columns ( I have four excel files). after joining step, I have to store the joined output in a excel file that exists already. I tried to buid this process but it keeps returning this error:

“Join Data Tables: Argument value ‘Column Name’ is not set or is invalid.”

eventhough the column names that I set in the join activity exist in tables

Hi @imane.bousaad ,

Would suggest you to remove the existing values configured in the Join Datatables activity and re-type the column names that you would want to join.

Make sure that you type the column names and not Copy-Paste. When performing copy paste, there maybe irregular characters getting added up as well.

Once you confirm us that this also produces the same error, we can ask you to provide a Screenshot of the Configured activity and also Parallel Check by Debugging the column names in the Datatable.

Hi @supermanPunch

II already retype the column names, and it didn’t work
this is the config of joining :

@imane.bousaad ,

Was a Debug done and checked if the Column names are the same in the Datatables ?

@supermanPunch I verified it and now the joining problem is resolved, but what about if I want to store the joined data in an excel file that exists already respecting the layout and the order of headers

@imane.bousaad ,

We can pre-define/keep the column order as a String array at the beginning and then use this array to preserve only the required Columns in the Output by using DefaultView.ToTable() method.

columnNamesOrder = {"Column1Name","Column2Name",...}
DT = DT.DefaultView.ToTable(false,columnNamesOrder)

Let us know if the above approach is understandable.

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