Join Data Tables: the value for argument 'Column Name' is not set or is invalid

I have 2 datatables with columns mentioned below:

  1. Dt_Payregister: DataColumnCollection(1) { [Month, Day, Year of Check Date,Applicant ID,First Name,Last Name,Job_Branch,Company Number,Deduction Code,Taxable Tax Deferred,Ded Amount,Pay Amount] }

  2. Dt_Healthcarereport: DataColumnCollection(1) { [Applicant ID,First Name,Last Name,EEO Code,Residential State,Email Address,SSN,Day of Birth Date,Address,City,State,Zip Code,Day of Hire Date,Day of Termination Date,Pay Frequency,Phone Number,WH Exempt,WHExempt (W4 STORE 2),Federal 2020 W4 Used,Federal Marital/Filing Status,2020 W4 Federal Dependents Amount $,Max. Federal Allowances Claimed (2019 W4 or earlier),State W4 Withholding,State Dependent Exemptions Caimed] }

i am trying to join both tables with Applicant ID column , but is throwing an error:
The SC of join activity is provided below


Instead of giving the columnName try with Index

Column index starts with 0

Try this and let me know


Thank you @THIRU_NANI

I have found the issue

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Hi @anjana.k

It appears your data table is having one column only.