Join DataTables Issue

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I want to join two dataTables based on column’s Name, I worked with Join DataTables activity, knowing that my DataTables are not empty, and they have common values, and the column name exists in both of them, Although it still return " Join Data Tables: 0x800AC472 Column name not defined"

and I wonder what it could be the problem, or may the column type presents an issue???!!

sometimes there are space before / after the column names

Within a debugging and breakpoint pausing you can check e.g. by using the immediate panel:
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Hi @BlueBird1

→ This generally happens when you do not specify the column names in the same order that you are trying to join with. The column name from the left-hand side data table should be specified in the ‘Column Table 1’ and the same goes with another data table.

→ If the specified column is not present in the data table or wrong column names are specified, you are likely to encounter this error. Check for the correct spelling, punctuations or spaces in the column name.


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