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Hi all,

I am having some problem with the second exercise of the advanced module of the academy and I would like to comment because I have searched for info but I can not find anything about it.

I comment on them:

At the point where you have to open the flow “SHA1_Online_URL” I can not open it by taking the parameters from the file “Config”, I get the following error when the arguments are passed as in the previous workflow, step images:

This is the login workflow that works perfectly

And this is the workflow that opens the second URL and it is the one that does not take the parameters well and it gives me the following error, flow and error images:

And this is the error that it gives me:

Thank you very much for your help in advance and I hope you can help me with this.
Greetings to the whole team.

Have you passed value for in_Config when you invoked SHAOnline1 Workflow?

Also if you are already sending SHA_URL then I do not think there is a need to send in_Config as IN Argument

The issue is you have in_config as IN argument but you are not passing any value while calling the workflow. Try to delete that argument and run.



Hi @PrankurJoshi,

It worked but I do not understand how to pass the in_Config can give me problems in this regard.

Thank you!

Hi @joseluisgomez82

could you put a “Write Line activity” to check the variable value before the open browser with SHA1_Online_Url ?

In this way we could see which string is passing through arguments. Also, for example if you dont use in_Config inside a .xaml dont put it as argument. I mean, in your last screenshot you use SHA1_Online_Url which you filled in the previous argument, so you dont need to put another in_Config inside SHA1Online Open.xaml

Hope you understand what I mean… We can talk in spanish through PM if you wish have an extended explanation :slight_smile:

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