Calculate Client Security Hash REFramework Error

I am trying to complete Assignment 1: Calculate Client Security Hash. I have actually finished all the steps outlined in the walkthrough.

However, when I run the main file, it throws an error below in the Output panel.

Below are my workflows together with the values in the Config file.

  1. Config file

  2. SHA!_Open workflow

  3. Invoke SHA1_Open workflow and bind arguments

The URL of the application should be passed to the workflow using an
argument, to make the project easier to maintain. The URL value is stored in
the process configuration file.

I have bound the input argument in_SHA!Online_URL to the value in the Config file as described in the walkthrough above. I did similar thing in the System1_Login workflow. The System1_Login workflow works but the SHA1_Open invoke workflow pukes with the message “The given key was not present in the dictionary.”

When I test the SHA1_Open workflow with a default value, it works.

Don’t know what’s gone wrong here. :unamused:

Help would be appreciated


Here, you didn’t pass any value to that argument. Please pass value like below and then check it.


@lakshman thanks for the reply. I did pass the value (in_Config("SHA1_Online_URL").ToString) to the input argument in_SHA1Online_URL but still get the same error message

Invoke SHA1_Open workflow: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: Invoke SHA1_Open workflow

Below is the same result in the Output panel as before.


Please check once are you referring correct config excel file or not.

I believe I am referring to the correct Config.xslx file. Please see below screenshots.
As you can see from the Output panel, the invoked System1_Login.xaml workflow file works perfectly. That also uses a value from the Config.xslx


Every thing looks perfect and it should work. You didn’t specify same names in Asset sheet right ?


The Asset sheet in the Config.xslx file is empty


Do one thing change the name like SHA1_URL in config file and then try once.


not sure if this will make a difference but I don’t believe you require the ‘/’ in the value section of your config file

Try removing the hyperlink

@lakshman Made the change in the Config.xslx as you suggested but still not working.

@gav_b Removed the trailing forward-slash (/) from the value and still did not work.

@Derek_Xu I removed the hyperlink and still no luck.

Probably should start all over again even though I would have wished to understand how I am getting the errors.


It’s weird. Check once is there any extra spaces in the name of that cell ?

@lakshman, @gav_b, @Derek_Xu
It’s finally working! The SHA1_Open workflow now works. I replaced the old Config.xslx file with a new one and added new settings name and values.

Thanks all for your time and effort.

However, I have a new problem with grabbing a new TransactionItem from the DataTable.

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I guess you didn’t pass value to Argument in_WIList here.

Before that IF condition put one message box activity and print below value and check it once.



I invoked the Extract_WorkItem workflow in the Init state and bound the output extracted data argument (out_WorkItems) to a global variable TransactionData

I then assigned the filtered work items to the WIList datarow using the provided formula

TransactionData.Select("Type='WI5' AND Status='Open'")

Yet when I used the Breakpoint to debug and step into the WriteLine activity before the If activity, the value still comes out as null

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