Error installing process on machine: package not found


I create a new project in my Studio that is on a dedicated machine. No error related to package ocurred
I published it to be used on a new machine.
On this machine (attended robot), I start the process in Assistant. Installation is starting and then stops with error on downloading package:
NuGet.Protocol.PackageNotFoundProtocolException:“Unable to find package ‘Microsoft.Activities.1.0.1’”

How to fix it?


One of the package that is needed is not getting downloaded.Two options you have here are

  1. Check if any of the package feeds are getting blocked by your firewall
  2. To resolve you can go to the machine where it is developed and navigate to C:\Users\<Username>\.Nuget\Packages and find the pckage folder which is there in the error…and copy the folder to the machine where youw ant to run the bot and that should solve the issue


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Thank you for your response.
Coping folders of packages not found fixed my problem.

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