Unable to install package in studio


I developed a program studio version 2021.10.9 but unable to install/update any packages getting below error exists every time.

The feed 'https://www.myget.org/F/workflow [https://www.myget.org/E/workflow]" lists package ‘System.Memory.4.5.3’ but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rupali_Shinde

You can try the following:

  1. Start a new process that is having in it the previous error package → all the packages should be downloaded in packages folder Run Processes from Assistant and Orchestrator and should work.
  2. Disable Official then delete the Process packages that had errors → error should not be present anymore.

Check out this thread


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