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I installed a package into my Process. Saved and was able to run the bot. I copied the code to some other folder. When I open the files, I get the error related to the package not found. When I install the package, I thought it would be part of the code. Do I need to install it every time I move code away from that directory? How about when I move to production? Thanks a lot,

Hi @A_Learner

You don’t need to install it every time. I think you have moved perticular .xaml file not the whole project. That’s why you are getting that error.

You can move it to production.

@A_Learner This issue might occurs when the Project.json file missing for that project


This json file contains all the details related to your project (Packages,Package versions etc). If this file missed then the tool cannot identify what are the packages you have installed, hence you can come across such type of issues

When moving to the production, you will be moving the complete workflows (including json file). So, this issue will not happen in production

Hi @A_Learner
If its a custom activity, then you have to import it into your Tenant Library.

When the robot installs the package, it will automatically pull the required dependencies onto the Machine into the Nuget Folder.

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If you are not using custom libraries, uipath does not move the projects in folders, if you will move to producction, just deploy the package to orchestrator, and once you run it will install all the package that you had deployed. For custom libraries just need to deploy the librarie to orchestrator as @ashwin.ashok suggested.


Thank you!

Thank you! All great answers!

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