Option to retry last activity

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I couldn’t find any discussions about this in the forum, but if it’s there somewhere feel free to direct me at it :slight_smile:

For a while now i have been running into issues with applications where the click activity would fail to click the element, resulting in error in the process. I’m not saying this is UiPaths fault, as that would require more time for troubleshooting that i have.

However i have found myself more and more reverting to a very basic workaround:
Try the next activity, Catch system.exception, retry (copy paste) last and current activity.

I have started to wonder if this is something the UiPath activities could support as a default option.
What if, just bellow “ContinueOnError”, there was another option called “RetryLastActivityOnErrorOnce”, that, if the current activity errors for any reason, would retry the last and current activity again (once, before throwing the normal exception)?
Obviously it would be false as default, as many activities can’t just be retried as they impact the environment, but it would be a nice feature for flows that just read, or goto somewhere.

I would love to hear the communities feedback on this, and what you guys do in cases like the one i described.

Hello, you might want to have a look at Retry Scope

It can be useful in some scenarios! :slight_smile:


Hi @Konrad,

This is an option when running in Debug mode, I use it frequently when testing. You can also try the Retry Scope, as @Obsev has suggested.

Hello @Obsev @william.coulson
sorry for not answering before now. Blame Corona >_>
Thank you for your suggestions!

While i see the use for both your suggestions, i still think a simple “retry last” would be much easier to deal with.
The debug certainly help during development, but applications are unreliable and i would like to have it implemented through production.
The retry scope is not bad. I’ve been using it a few times. However it’s still some work to implement everywhere, as i need to consider the state of the application every time, and when the applications changes states a lot, i would need a lot of retry scopes.

Having a toggle on the activities similar to Continue on error, would still save a lot of time in development, and especially in testing/production, as the stability would be much higher.

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Interesting suggestion. I saved it for further consideration, although the suggested workarounds should probably be the first choice here for the time being.


For UIAutomation activities like Click and TypeInto, we have this feature in our roadmap for the next major release. Stay tuned.