Error in process in transactionitems

can any help me with this declaration i am stuck here debugging didnt throw any errors but after getting the data the process transaction is not running directly goes to end process here i attached some images


Can you please go inside GetDataFromAcme workflow and try to debug at which activity, its throwing exception.

Please share screenshot for the same.

its not throwing any error its completed the process but how to see the data

Why is your Dt_WI5list not a datatable ?

when i changed it to datatable its throw this error

You must change it in the arguments too.
At the end of datacraping you have a filled and filtered datatable?

in variables i have Extractedtable as datatable and in arguments i have Dt_WI%list S datarow

The types must match.
In workflow “GetTransactionData” the datatable the lines were extracted in transaction_item row by row.