Process stoped because of “Process finished due to no more transaction data” plz

Process stoped because of “Process finished due to no more transaction data”

What is the problem plz ?

@Soudios Can you provide the Screenshot of Get Transaction Data ?

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@Soudios, It means that, it is not able to find Transaction data. You may want to check:

GetTransactionData workflow call as below:

And Process Transaction workflow call as below:


@Soudios I think it’s easier if you provide the whole Workflow as a Zip File :sweat_smile:, But Such problems occur when you have not used the variables in_TransactionNumber or i0_TransactionData or in_TransactionItem Variables in the right way, Please look into it

I am using datarow for not QueueItem

@Soudios, As per above screenshot you are not passing value for in_TransactionItem and hence the issue is.

@Soudios Then you need to pass a Datarow variable to that argument


@supermanPunch did you received the zip file ?

@Soudios Yes, I’m Trying to Correct the Process :sweat_smile:

hahaha Thank you !

@Soudios Can you Execute this workflow and Check, I have made it to work, It should work for you as well :sweat_smile: :

@Soudios - It could be a reason where your transaction item counts are zero.
please log the item count in init section. It will easy to identify the how many rows/records to process.

doesn’t work again lol

i don’t understand what is the problem

@supermanPunch what did you changed ?

@GBK @supermanPunch
Did i need to check something in orchestrator ?

@Soudios Still the same Problem or some other Error?


@Soudios Can you show me the initAllApplications Workflow ?