ERROR in path

i am running through a problem based on folder path does not exist i am not sure why i am getting this error as i had given right path. i will attach my file and error can any one rectify my mistake and help me run the flow without the following errors.
Here is my file
ReadGmailSoumi.xaml (27.9 KB)

HI @soumi_soumiya

Though you have given the right path, here it seems like it’s looking in a different folder.

Ideally after “Desktop”, you should have a slash and then Java developer. Looks like it is not getting assigned properly. That’s the reason for you to get the error because such path doesn’t really exist…

@soumi_soumiya After analyzing your xaml file i found that in path exists activity path type is file change it to the folder and try.

Hi @soumi_soumiya
Instead of passing the file path directly you can store the path in a variable and then pass that variable or you can store the path in a config file and pass the config variable. I think may be in this way you may solve your problem, just try once…!


Thanks it works but still i am getting excess array boundary error how could i overcome it

Thanks for your reply
can you help me with some example so i can be clear

Thanks for your reply…

Where should i change

@soumi_soumiya Refer the screenshot