How to identify workflows with incorrect file path in the project?

The file structure of my project has multiple folders containing relevant xaml files. All these xaml files have been invoked in studio. But now, I have changed the name of a folder (containing xaml files). As a result, studio is highlighting the invoke workflow activity in red to denote that the xaml file is not found. Is there any way to know all the locations where this error is occurring. I tried to validate the project but it shows no error.

Previous path of xaml file β†’ Folder A/ABC.xaml
New path of xaml file β†’ FolderA/ABC.xaml (space between Folder & A is removed)

Is there a way to identify all the locations in studio where the path needs to be updated?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah Come in main workflow and
you can find it by ctrl+f and paste old path. you will get all details regarding activities and workflow that using this one.

Thanks for your speedy response @raja.arslankhan :grinning:

Let me try this.

Yes Sure. It will give you like this

I got the activities I needed to change ! Thanks a lot @raja.arslankhan

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Click the Error List tab at the bottom left (at least that’s where it is in my layout)

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