Create Folder Error

Hi guys,
I’m having Issues trying to create folders, here’s the error

statement I’m getting.

Please how do i solve this cos i have been on it all day

Copy and paste the directory shown in your error except for the demo folder part. Paste it into a file explorer window. If it fails, this means that the path is invalid. Keep in mind that Create Folder creates a folder at the directory specified, but it will not make subfolders all in one activity. So, for instance, if you’re trying to create a folder called New Folder and put a folder called demo folder in it, you have to do that in two separate activities.

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Just confirm, are you trying to create a folder with a specific name?

The file path is correct, i first assigned the new file name to a variable then copied the file path "C:\Users.…\New folder" + assigned variable.

Yes i am.

create folder.xaml (3.7 KB)

can you check this sample workflow? I tried creating a new folder named ‘hella’

Thanks, Would check it out now

Hi @Krishna_C It created the folder in desktop but when i changed it to documents it didn’t go through, what do you think could be the problem?

lemme check it.

I also changed to ‘Documents’. It’s working fine for me
.create folder.xaml (3.8 KB)

Wow, I’m still encountering the issue
I guess i would have to stick to using Desktop

Thanks @Anthony_Humphries and @Krishna_C

Are you getting the same error as before?
Guess there are some issue with the path being selected.

Yes i am

@John_Dara did you check rights on ‘Documents’ if the user with which you are creating new folder has rights to create new folder?