Error in get transaction data

th.Executor.Core i want to enter data into these from the excel Main.xaml (52.0 KB) this is my workflow can anybody say me y i am getting these error Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 0. The invoked workflow ‘GetTransactionData’ has validation errors. Please review the workflow and resolve the errors. at Source:

@Manisha541 Upload “GetTransactionData.xaml”, you uploaded main which don’t have validation errors.

Open the GetTransactionData workflow in studio and Validate it (Execute - Validate). You will be able to see the errors what errors out in the workflow in the Output pane.

these are the errors i am facing with workflow before i had kept the screenshot which i need to enter data but it is opening three times in the last one it is getting data of two rows but in my excel there are three rows
@Sreelatha278 i cant find the transaction workflow separately i have main process and test can i know from where i can upload it

Get Transaction Data is available under the Framework folder.
row starts with index 0. You are trying to do a index-1 somewhere (Where the index is already starting with 0) which I think is the error.

@Sreelatha278 GetTransactionData.xaml (8.1 KB) before i had given Iotransaction-1now i have changed to **iotransaction ** now i am getting object reference not set to an object error

Check for the arguments.
In the main workflow “Framework\GetTransactionData” click on “Import Arguments” and see if the mappings are correct.

Thank you @Sreelatha278 I had solved it

@Manisha541 - Please can you mark the reply that solved your problem as a Solution. Thanks.

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