Error in Academy Module 5 Practice 1

Allright so I am trying to do the practice 1 of Module 5, the data scrape of an laptop search.

However, trying to extract the names/titles, I will get this error:
“Cannot find pattern, elements differs by tag”.

I bypass the error by selecting another name in the list of latops. So far so good.

But when trying to extract correlated data, the price, I get this error:
“Please indicate fields that are correlated with the fields you indicated to define the first column”

So please update either UiPath (so that it works) or update the course material to work with a simpler website than ebay.

My environment:
Windows 10 Fall update 1709
UiPath 2018.4 Community Edition
IExplorer 11 (Danish) build 11.785.16299.0

@Mikkel_Nielsen I think u made mistake while selecting the correlated data because of it ur getting that error.

Ex: For name u may have selected 1st and 2nd products and for getting correlated data like price, seller etc u might have trying to select other than 1st product and 2nd product respectively. Please check it once. If 1st and 2nd product is selected for name(or someother property) u must follow same use same products while selecting other things of product like price etc in the same order.

I understand what you mean, but this is not the case. You should be able to reproduce the error your self. I first tried extracting the first and second item, as the base info, but I got an error. Then I read the academy walkthrough which advices to use the first and last item on the page. After doing that successfully, I tried to extract correlating price, from first and last item in the same page, and that is when I get said error.

I am getting exactly the same problem on the same page, either in Chrome or IE. When I try to select the elements my cursor has to be pointed lower on the screen and to the right to show the element in the preview box, which may be part of the problem. I can do this task on amazon but not on ebay.
I see that people keep reporting this but never get a sensible answer, this is clearly a problem that could do with being taken seriously.

its hit and miss

sometimes it works first time and others it just doesnt

doesnt seem like a viable solution

Has anyone been able to figure this out? having this problem now.