While scrapping the data in web, getting this error "Cannot find pattern, elements differ by tag"

I was getting this error, Plz share your ideas to resolve this
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @tgopalas

Refer below link:


Hi, I’m following the same steps as in the video, but keeps getting the message for both Firefox & Chrome
Any ideas?

It means that the data you want to scrape does not have a pattern. Can you attach a screenshot or workflow what you want to scrape

Thank you @PrankurJoshi,
I’m trying to scrape items of an ebay search list. I found out that the some items are “Bold” while others are not, thus the lack of pattern.
If you use a bold item and a regular one as the second in the wizard, you get the error message, but if you use two bold or two regular, then it works.
The problem is that once you complete the wizard then items scraped are either bold or not depending on which you use in the wizard. It acts as a filter.
I have not been able to work that one out yet.

Any specific item? I would send a sample workflow to you if can share what you are searching

Does “Bold” items have a different Selector than the items which are not “Bold”?

Scrapping needs to find a pattern to fetch so like same tag same attributes and so. :slight_smile: