Datascraping: extract correlated data not showing up

When I try data scraping, I’m taken through the normal steps to scrape data, but am not given the option to extract correlated data. It just asks me about a next page and then finishes the process. My version is 2018.4.5, is this not available to me?

Hi @Nicole_S,
It seems that you click OK on this popup window:
If you click No, you will click the second element and after that, you will see a bigger popup that has an “extract correlated data” button.
Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards.

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Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi,

I don’t see that popup.
Basically what I’m doing is going to ebay and scraping the title of each of the results. I would like to correlate those titles to the price of each item.
I’m following one of the practices from UiPath’s lesson site.


Oh got it. It is not a table.
Can you send me the link of that ebay site?
I tried data scraping on ebay:

And I manage to extract the names and prices using extract correlated data.

Here is the link:

After I select the titles, I get the configure columns window, and when I click next, this:

That’s where I can’t find the extract correlated data option

Finish just asks me if there are multiple pages, and then completes the process

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Hmm. Weird. Extract Correlated Data is included in 2017.1 documentation so you should have it

Is it possible for me to do a second extract and correlate the data manually?

Sequence.xaml (10.8 KB)
Can you try running this one? Thanks

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I’m getting an error.

I ran a debug, and it gets stuck in the open browser activity.

Oh. You don’t have the Chrome Extension yet

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Try this one instead: Sequence.xaml (10.6 KB)

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It looks like it worked. This is the result:

Yes. It worked. But I am really curious why you don’t have that Extract Correlated Data button.
@loginerror and @ovi, any inputs on this one? Thank you!

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Hi @Nicole_S

Strange. What is your UiAutomation package version? Could you try updating it and giving it another go?

You can check it in the Package Manager here:

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I had 18.4.2, so I updated it to 19.4.0 and tried again. I still have the same problem.

It might be some weird interaction between the UiAutomation package and your version of Studio :confused: I would suggest contacting technical support, as it is not supposed to happen (as far as I know).

They should know the answer and because you are the user of the Enterprise edition, you can contact them directly here:

Of course you can always try to update all packages to the latest versions and see if it will help.

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Updating the packages didn’t work :frowning:
I will contact support and see if they can fix it

Thank you for your help,

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I am having the same the problem
Please help

Just Create A new Blank Project and It will Work Fine !!

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