Lesson 5 Practice 1 - Error: this control does not support data extraction

I’m following the instructions for Foundation Training - Lesson 5 Practice 1 and when I click datascraping and then try to select the link on the ebay page I get the error message: this control does not support data extraction. I’ve researched this and can’t find any answers. Does anyone know how to fix this?


When you click on the wizard DataScraping please try to fallow the instruction. Don’t select the link, you have to indicate the name and/or price, to create a pattern of this ones and all of this will be extracted in a data table.
So open the link that is specified in the Lesson5 Practice 1, click the datascraping and then select the name of the laptop. After you indicate the first one, it will tell you to indicate another one with the same selector to create a pattern for this “tablet name”. After all this tablet name has been extracted in a datatable, please use the button :Extract Correlated Data to indicate the next item that you want to extract: the price.