Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. The operation has timed out. at Source: Get Transaction Item

Hi all, a couple of times the last month I have seen this message in the logs for one of my ReFramework-processes:

Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. The operation has timed out. at Source: Get Transaction Item

When checking the queue-item in question, it says “In progress” but it never finishes.

The rest of the transactions items for today has finished without errors.

The Orchestrator-version is 2018.4.3.

Could this be because of a network error?

Any help and/or answers is appreciated.

HI @ripers

On this same execution, has the rest of the transaction items got executed and marked as success? Then most probably it could be an error caused by the slowness in the network. If the rest of the items are running without a problem, you may try increasing the timeout period in the Get transaction Item activity. This allows it to wait for much longer than usual and it might resolve the error if it is related to a network speed problem.

Specify your timeout period here

It happened to me sometime back and once I added that, it was running fine.
Let know whether it works out for you…


Hi Lahiru.Fernando and thanks for the reply. The rest of the transaction-items, as well as transaction-items for other processes, seems to be running fine. I have increased the timeout as you suggested to 120 seconds now.

What worries me though is that the transaction-item in Orchestrator still has status “In progress” (for two hours now), and there was no way I could have discovered this unless the customer asked me why the didn’t receive any response.

Shouldn’t the transaction fail if a timeout occurs?

Not really… So as soon as it tries to get the item to process, it changes the status to In progress. but, however, it does not change the status to fail for timeouts. As I know, it only changes to fail when it runs into any errors and stops.

However, if you want to check whether there are queue items in this in progress status just in case, you can use the Get Queue Items activity. it has a property to specify what transactions you need to get in what status. So if you set it to “In Progress”, it will give you all the transactions under in progress state. So may be you should include a verification like workflow at the end of your main process to check whether any of the transactions had fallen under this state and not completed or failed. If there are transactions, you can loop through them and process them again too :slight_smile:

I guess this is a good option for you to try out…


Yeah that could be a solution. It’s only that I expected ReFramework to handle this automatically. :slight_smile:

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