Get transaction item gives "The operation has timed out" error

Facing issue with my code - ‘The operation has timed out’ with the ‘get transaction item’ activity from the Orchestrator.
It Runs smoothly for first few transactions and get fails suddenly after sometime.

Can anyone help me on this. Critical tasks is running with that process.
Please help.


Are you getting transaction item from orchestrator Queue Items?

Yes i’m getting the data initially, but after sometime the Bot logs “The operation has timed the main workflow” error and all the assigned variables are been changed to null.

Please check the same in debug mode and let us know which activity faulted

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i tried running the same scripts again. it works perfect without any issue.
I think the error is because of Orchestrator timeout, which i’m not aware of how to resolve it.

Would highly suggest you open a Ticket with UiPath Support to get this issue raised up and more visible. I too have encountered this issue and opened a ticket, but so far not much movement on it. The more of us that open tickets, the sooner it will get addressed and resolved.

Possibly increase the timeout property might help. Default is 30 sec.