Error Detection and Handling

I am running a file that will go from the main page to a specific page, scrapes the data, stores it in a file and then return to the main page. Then the process repeats for another page and it goes like this for some pages.

What i need to do is determine if the internet has stopped and the page does not load and also stop the application through try-catch once it detects the error.

How do i find if the pages wont display in the application and how do i make the application stop?


Use Element Exists or Image Exists activity to indicate any element in the web page. It will give you Boolean output. If it is not exist then use terminate workflow to stop it or use try catch and in try, throw exception and catch that exception in Catch block.


I would suggest that you take a look at the UiPath ReFramework - the framework will help you with exception handling and transaction based processing. It will also stop/close applications if any system errors or business rule exceptions are raised.

Good luck