Exception Handling need help

Hi All,
i am automating one web based application.
1.opening website.
2.entering some inputs.
3.navigate to another url.
4.performing actions.

I have completed automation.
Now i need help with Exception handling.
As per your knowledge what are the possible exception here.how you can handle them?
And also how to recover from exception?

How to catch manual exceptions?
Also if possible please attach workflow for exception handling.


Main.xaml (123.2 KB)

Hey. Here is a small project which we made. This handles almost all exceptions.
Please have a look at this project.
Basically, It receives input from user on mail id and then it searches for that input(which is a product) on flipkart and then sends back to the user the information of that item in an excel file.

So this project handles many situations such as when you have a low internet or maybe somehow the product name was entered wrong.

So please have a look at this. You will get an Idea. :slight_smile:

In Your case the possible exceptions might occur when the internet connection is not there(It will throw selector not found) so handle that.
Problem in navigating can be one.

Just run your workflow with as many inputs as possible to check the outcomes. Pass as absurd inputs you can and see what exception is thrown. Now handle that simply using try catch! :smiley:

i hope this will be helpful to you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply n file also…
How we can reduce the delay issue…sometimes page takes time to get load and sometimes its loads faster…what would you suggest??

Use an on element appear. Indicate a UIElement that appears when page gets loaded. So in this way the following activities would run only when that UIElement appears.

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