How to handle unknow web Application exceptions/Errors

hi Team,

Am facing the issues while running the Web application’s performer bot.
Error: Getting unknow web application exception like “error loading the screen”, Problem is that I can’t predict at what stage we are facing the issues.

Error Image atteched below.

How to handle this kind of web page exceptions?

Solution : if I refresh the screen, it will back to normal. but how to use the logic ?

Hello @manipreethi410

Are you using Reframework?? Qlso can you comfirm yhe error is always same ??


this is the error am facing and using Re framework.

In the uipath whats the error that you are getting??

Also in which are you getting this error? Is it in process state??


am not getting any error in uipath but i need to handle that error page, i dnt know when it will happen also.

In the process state we are getting this issues.

If you know specific place /nodule in which it is coming put that activity in Try block and in catch block you can print or email to user.

If you get this error then your automation should get fail with selector not found.
So here you can try with Global exception handler.

we don’t have any idea where exactly we are getting error.

if i face this error, i shouldn’t stop the flow. need to refresh the screen and back to normal work activity.

You can use Element Exists activity to check whether there is “can’t reach this page” exists in the browser and when it exists then you can click on refresh or you can also send hot key to refresh the web page, hopefully it’ll solve your issue

but we can’t assume when this error will occur, this is the issue.

You can use Parallel activity and place element exists and refresh activity in one place and all the other code in another place, so actual code will remain running until element exists activity starts and refresh the pages, I guess it’ll resolve the issue

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