How to Check and Catch No internet Connection Error

I have a for each loop that I loop, type into activities in to many pages of a WebApi. If the internet connection got lost in the middle of the execution, I would reload the page 2 times for every 15 secs. If the connection got back before the 2 times reload finishes, I would skip/continue the current row. If the internet doesn’t go back even after reloading, take a screenshot then break. This is inside a try/catch block, I have other error exceptions dun. How can Identify if the error is because of no internet connection. Thank you.


You can use TRY catch block and place the sequence of activities to check whether internet is connected or not

Please refer the below threads for the sample code

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Hi @Shinjid

In the catch section, you try HTTP Request ( then based on the output status code, you can find whether the error is due to no internet connection or other exception.

HTTP Status Codes (

you can give a try :v:

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Thanks. This worked for me

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