Need help to detect web page down


I’m new on uipath development. I need help to detect page not found during the execution.
I did try to try catch but not sure how to used it during execution time.
Really appreciate somebody can help me on this.
Work flow as per attach.

Thank you

@jamuri, You can check this before you open a browser through HTTP Request

Dom :slight_smile:

Hi Dominic,

do i need to check every sequence, sometimes it happen when user key in data and when they try to click submit button the system automatically go to login page which is not the case I want.


No you needn’t :slight_smile: In the very step check your target URL is up with this Http Request

Then I suggest to use Element Exists activity before you proceed with certain actions in the site.
Based on the boolean you can decide further

Dom :slight_smile:

how can I configure to stop current process and start all over again. meaning looping to colse existing process and start new one

from my process flow above how can i do checking on error page/login page issue


  1. Enclose your process in Try-Catch.
  2. Whenever you see the page not downloading error (i.e Based on Element Exists)
  3. Throw an exception with some message
  4. In catch you can handle appropriately like Kill Process OR Close Application

Dom :slight_smile:


thanks Dominic