Error detecting project version for scheduled orchestrator jobs

Dear community,
Since yesterday, processes I publish fail with scheduled orchestrator jobs. I have published 3 of them, who all crash because of an “Error detecting project version”. The process runs fine on studio, but fails every time it is triggered by orchestrator.

I did modify the version in project.json, so I have deleted the file, then reran the main to autogenerate it again and re-uploaded the process, but nothing has changed.

It is worth noting that I am running the studio tests on an attended development machine, while I am running the scheduled tests on an unattended machine in a test environment.

Any idea what is going on?


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Hi @Phil

This will happen if the Robot service that executes the process is not on the same version as Studio that created the process. In short, process made on 2019.7 will not run on earlier version.

I would suggest you to make sure all your machines are up to date with the latest Studio/Robot:

Hi loginerror,
This is exactly what the issue was: Studio was 2019.7.0 while my test robot was using 2019.4.2. Thank you very much!

Have a nice day,

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