Error detecting project version - still!

Hi All,

I am new to UiPath Orchestrator.

I have built a package in UiPath and trying to run the process from Orchestrator but I keep getting an “Error detecting project version”. Based on reading other forums I have made sure that the Studio versions in my test and production environments are the same ( and also the “studioversion” parameter in the project.json file is the same.

I am trying to run an unattended robot on a machine where the installed version is “Unknown” - I am unsure if this is related.

Can anyone think of any advice?


Orchestrator must also be of the correct version corresponding with the Studio versions used.

Okay thanks, but will Orchestrator get updated automatically so I can assume this is the most up to date version?

Orchestrator does not get updated automatically. You will need to update it yourself for new releases.

Okay thanks.

I actually found the problem in that I had two version of Studio installed on my machine and that was causing the error. A quick uninstall and reinstall worked.

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