Error BC30182: Type Expected while creating DataTable

Hi there,

I’m doing the “Generate Yearly Report” assignment from the UiPath Academy. While trying to merge all the monthly reports (csv files) I get an error all the time.

I’m trying to create a new datatable with an assign activity:

  • In “Save to” I have created a DataTable variable called dt_Reports
  • In “Value to save” I have the following expression: “New.Datatable()”

It keeps giving me this error: Argument “Value”: BC30182: Type expected.

I’ve tried lots of things, but I don’t understand what’s missing.

Thank you.

Hi @JavRip ,

Try this below:
In “Value to save”: new Datatable


Hi @JavRip

That actually did it. The problem was the “.” in the middle.

Thank you both SO much.

Hope you got the solution if yes please mark it as solution @JavRip

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