Error at updating activities package

this is my problem when i try to update activity package

and then if i try to go back then i have this problem to solution

how should i change versions without break any robot???

@amy93amanda Replace the activity with new activity and update the variable inside


When you upgrade to new packages few activities might be different hence you are seeing this behaviour….there is no direct way

What you can try is to make a copy of the project and then upgrade and then replace the missing activities with bew activities and you can open the old project as well to check which activities are missing and use them


well thats an idea to make a migration but its not the ideal and less when the robot its huge



But as activities change there is no option to migrate as is…but in latest UiPath you can see which activity is missing …i believe youa re using old version so you are not aeeing the missing activity name but only a placeholder is display


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Yes, usually when the package is updated,the activity also gets updated automatically but in your case the package cannot be updated for some reason.
@loginerror please help on this

Hi @amy93amanda

Could you please share which activity package has this issue?

Also, a few other details:

  • your Studio version
  • what exactly is the scenario here (please list steps you take to reproduce this issue)
  • version of your activity packages

This will help us debug the issue.

  • studio version

  • the issue in the first image come from updating then click in the workflow to open it and just for open this error pops up

  • version of package over 21.10.5, this last its which i can keep.

in this case the activities with the errors were path exist, write text

Would it be possible to share a sample project that is causing this issue?

Or at least the full error message via the Copy to Clipboard option?