How to resolve Missing or Invalid activity, due to downgrading packages

So here’s my agenda. I am new at UiPath, and me being new, downloaded latest software and packages for learning. I am now working with my other teammates, and their packages doesn’t match mine as they are using the olders, so I had to update mine to match theirs. Now, most of activities are missing or invalid activity. Is there anyway to easily match my Activities to older version ones? And also, is there any other reason for this problem?Thank you.


We can get the project.Json file from your teammates and use the same in your

That Json file will basically have the package versions

And what happens when a UiPath project is loaded to will try to read the Json file and check whether those package and corresponding version is available in your local machine
In this folder

If it is there then in studio you won’t see any error in activity
And if it is not there then you will see as missing activity

Now for that you can see in the output panel which packages are missing
Or to be very simple open the Json file in notepad and see the package names and its versions

Install that in your studio under MANAGE PACKAGES
Install the same version you see in the Json file then your issue will be resolved

Cheers @Shinjid

Thank you! I told my other teammates about it and they also said the same thing. It worked now.

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Glad @Shinjid

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