Error at moving to next page in a browser without having next button

Hi there, so far I’ve successfully navigated to next page without having next button. But getting an ambiguity with extracting data. Same data is extracting from every page. So this is what I’ve done

  1. extracted data from 1st page because it has different parent ID
  2. From 2nd page onwards I’ve kept the workflow in a while loop that runs if the next element exists. In that workflow i’ve extracted data from 2nd page and the same type data to be extracted until the loops ends.

But my ambiguity was 2nd page data is extracting in the 3rd page even though it moves to third page. But the last page data was extracted fine(4th page in my example).

In other workflow and activity, First two pages are extracting the first data and the last page(3rd) is extracting finely as last page data.

What could be the reason? Do I’ve to modify NextLinkSelector or anything? Please post your suggestions or any solutions you can think of. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Hope you are writing the extracted data to a file or appending it to a datatable. so why don’t you try to giving some delay before extracting the data and after navigating to next page

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