Extract structured data from browser without Next Button

I’ve have been seeing some topics about it. Didn’t understand a bit. Hoping for clarity.
So i’m extracting data from a browser, that may have many pages. It didn’t have next button and the pages are like Capture4 If there are more than 3 pages then it would be like Capture5
In some topics the suggestions are using datascrapng method with while loop. But didn’t understand any thing. Please help me out with this.

Thank you!

Hi @Chaitanya_podilapu
While scrapping the data it will ask to you do spanning pages and then you have clicked on page 2 right

Ashwin S

Yeah i’ve done that. But how to achieve that when there are n number of pages without having next button.

Hi @Chaitanya_podilapu

Check this

Ashwin S

yah if we have the next page button then no issues we can directly access it while data scrapping process is done
but if we dont have the next page button but still if we want to get the data from next page as well, we need to follow the same steps as we do in REFramework like
we can keep the data scrapping inside the WHILE LOOP and the sequence would be like this
–DO WHILE loop with condition
–data scrapping

For more details on this

Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

Yeah. I this what I didn’t understand was, he said after reaching page one
does it mean like we should scrap data of the first page and then modify the Extract structured Data ‘TBODY’ s selector or Inside while loop we have to extract first page data and modify its selector.
This is what I’ve done. extracted first page and then clicked okay for multiple page selection and clicked on 2nd page button. Here I didn’t understand whose selector to be modified.

Please take a look at my workflow if possible. Help me out with the selector and the workflow as well if there requires any modifications. Don’t run it… it doesn’t work. I’ve changed the website url and username. Attaching my workflow Test2.xaml (18.9 KB)

Thank you!

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