How to Scrap Price if there is no next button


I only have page numbers to click, No next button. How am i going to move next pages ?

p.s.: if i select page 2 as next page, selector identifies it with two attributes “pagination” and “2”. Thus third page will not be identified. are there any workaround for example could it be possible to generate second identifier (2) programmatically as increased by one?


please check “ExtractMetadat” or can you attach XML editor of it.
you just need to pass the counter variable in page number.

or second approach would be check the url when you click on 2nd page and so on
later you can pass the page number as variable inside the url.


thank you for the reply. but i am in very strange sitiuation as follows: data scrping works as normal during workflow creation (in design) that graps 24 items listed in one page but it only collects 21 of this items when you run recorded workflow.

What might be the cause and how can i debug it ?


That’s hilarious isn’t it :smiley: .Do you mind attaching workflow.