Navigate from page 1 to 2 to last page (no next button)

I am trying to export all data from page 1 to last page from below window of a website however there is no next button so my question is :slight_smile:

  1. what will i do to capture all data ranging from page 1 to last? if there would have been next button, it would have been much easier however when i tried clicking the arrow button it does not navigate to next page.

  2. If you see there is click here buttons which take me to separate window… i want to click first “Click here” button and then i want to copy data from window opened and then close that window move back to previous window and click “Click here” in second row.

Not sure if i have explained my question correctly. Any help or questions are welcome.

you can make the click selector dynamic like in your case “<part of your selector aaname or innertext=”+define a variable here like Count.ToString+“other part of your selector>”

keep the variable count as integer and after iteration increase the count by one.

keep this entire flow in do while loop and check if the element exists if yes you can go ahead and use your logic.
if False then you come out of the loop


Thank you i could manage to browse through all pages however i want to extract data table from each page and append to excel file. can you help?

Use the extract data table in that do while loop every time that moves to next page make it extract the data table anyway the extracted data from each page will be appended to the existing data rather than overwritten.
One thing is you have to make your selector stable or you check for the idx component which by default itirates for every page you make it pirate by taking the idx part as the variable.

But first check manually by using the ui explorer for few pages and check for the unique part in selector that changes , most probably you will get this with idx .
Hope that helps.
If still facing any problems then feel free to share.

Thanks Ashley for your reply. I am finance person and dont have much idea on what is Idx? If i share you the workflow. will you be able to show me. I am trying since days however i am only getting data from first and last page. Can we connect on

Thank you for your fruitful reply. i have posted a video on below link in which i am able to browse through all the pages however while i extract the data, it gives only first and last page. Kindly help.