"EPERM: operation not permitted" Error Thrown While Activating Task Capture

Why is it not possible to activate Task Capture license?

Issue Description: Sometimes, the following error is thrown while activating the Task Capture license. This error is usually indicative of insufficient permissions to perform the activation.

Resolution: There are two installer file types available to install Task Capture on machine,

  • "TaskCapture.exe" used to install Task Capture per-user
  • "TaskCapture.msi" used to install Task Capture per-machine

While the EXE does not require Admin Rights for installation, the MSI does. With the EXE, it is required to have access over the AppData folder while with the MSI, access is required over both AppData and ProgramData folders. This is detailed in the Task Capture Installation Document.

Hence, to resolve this error, ensure to have

  • A valid Task Capture license
  • Sufficient permissions to perform the activation

If providing elevated rights is not an option, consider using the Task Capture EXE for installation.