Fail to Search in IE

Hi Guys,

I am facing problem here, I fail to search inside a searh bar inside a website.
After I click the search bar, I type into it but the text I wrote is gone right after I click the filter button.

If I do it manually it works just fine.
The web recording was fine too, but when I run it, the text robot input is gone when the robot wants to click the filter.

Please anyone help.

Thanks & Regards,
Deny C.

Hi @DenyChristi

The selector of the click may be recorded to click on the “x” to clear the search field I think. Check it just to make sure that is correct.

If it is correct, there is any key shortcut that you can press instead of clicking the field? You can go for a key shortcut or even pressing tab, enter/space to select the filter and activate the button.

Regards :smile:

I type new entry for every new search. So the old input will be deleted even without me pressing the “x” button.

Normally (without robot), after I enter the text, all I need to do is to press “enter key” but it is not working inside UiPath when I use “Send Hotkey” to press enter.

Thanks anyway.


Instead of using the Send Hotkey you could use the same Type Into activity that you use to write in the search field.
Try this: "your text [k(enter)]

k stands for keypress, so after whatever you typed, you’ll make UIPath press enter afterwards with the [k(enter)] command :+1:


Hello, I was having this error on Adobe Acrobat when trying to send “enter” on a Accessibility Configuration, to submit the changes and close the config window.

The fix was to disable the SendWindowMessages checkbox.

Good luck.