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Hi Community

I am currently new to Uipath and I have encountered problem trying to automate a task.

This task involves copying data from excel sheet and typing it into different rows on a web based invoicing tool (See picture below). Currently I am using a “For Each Row” activity to get these data from Excel and write it on the web invoice.

The problem is that I have to add a new row under the previous row on the web invoice anytime the loop runs, however, the Uipath bot does not write on the newly added row but on the first row making all the copied data to write on just one row of the invoice. (see pic)

Does anyone know how I can get the bot to type into the newly added line anytime the loop runs?

Just pass the for each item number as variable in selector of TyPe into

Let me know if it works @Papichulo

For example if it’s iterating item number 1 , pass the same to selector variable of type into activity along with other attributes

Next if it’s iterating item number 2 , pass the same value to type into selector variable


Hi @Papichulo

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Your steps could be as follows below

Read range the excel

Open browser the website

For each row in Read Dt.


Use Type into for the each field and pass the Currentrow(“YourColumname”).ToString

Click on add new row!


Thank you @pravin_calvin @nikhil.girish for the clue.
I stored the loop index number as a variable and used the IF function per new row


Glad that helped you !!

Happy Automation @Papichulo

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