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I need to modify a cell in an SAP table. I would use Type Into but the activity marks the whole table and I am unable to put the amount in coloumn budget.
Could you please help me out?

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Did you enable SAP script ? Is bot able to identify individual cell fields in that table ?

SAP Script is enabled.
Individual cell fields cannot be identified. The activity identifies the whole table instead.
Do you have a specific activity for that?
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If it is fixed position then use Click Image and indicate that field where you want to type the budget. And then use Type Into activity and pass the value without indicating any field in that application. Keep selector is empty only.


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Try with SAP WINGUI automation packages

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Hello Agnes,
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Very interesting case, transaction code CJ30 with the GuiTableControl Annual Overview, with the technical name SAPLKBPPTC_220, works perfect and …

… the GuiTableControl Element Overview, with the technical name SAPLKBPPTC_320, works as you described.

@LevKushnir do you have any idea why the same control elements behave differently when recording? With enabled Modern Design Experience the behavior is equal.

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HI @agnes.lantos

From your screenshot, it looks like the Budget field is not in EDIT mode, but in Display Mode (the whole line is gray-out)

See my SAP Screenshot, where the field is accessible

Please check once more on your end

Best regards, Lev

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Hello Lev,
you are right, it works. :blush:
Learned something new again.
Best regards

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Thank you everyone for the help and the warm welcome :slight_smile:

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