SAP selection region

There is a problem I met,

I want to indicate element from SAP, as the follow screenshot.
However,the selection region cover all page.
I only need the “plant”,“material"and"PGI date” three fields to type into,
how can i change the selection region?


Hi @Belinda

This article from our documentation might be helpful to you:

I did enable but only the body not able to indicate specific element.

this indicating element sometime works sometime not.

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hi @irahmat

Please check our latest documentation, follow the step and this would be solution for your issue.

Best regards, Lev

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Hi Lev,

thanks for your suggestion but still have no luck.

my SAP version is 740.


Give me a screenshot and let see, what works and what does not work…

Use Studio 19.10 and above or even 20.02


Unfortunately, My client still using Studio 2019.4.4

as you see pic below, only the body UiPath not able to indicate element but it works on menu or header.

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@irahmat - in this case issue is not with studio version
here u will need to enable scripting on both sides only then only this block screen will disappear


Thanks for the screenshot and more information.

The main issue on your screenshot is here, looks like SAP scripting is not enabled. (see the docu above)

The overall recommendation is to go for higher Studio version.
Studio 2019.4. is pretty outdated from SAP point of view.

We have invested a tons of man hours to improve SAP automation capabilities and all this work was actually continuously released during last couple of releases. And we are still improving, improving, improving…

  • The identification framework UIA is not suitable for stable and reliable SAP automation.
  • For SAP WinGUI we are using dedicated SAP WinGUI API scripting interface (default)

Do you have any chance to upgrade or even try out UIAutomation Package 19.12 or 20.02. ?

You will see, how powerful the SAP WinGUI automation has become.



hoping that latest version will work in my case too
well i somehow managed with 18.4 version

i probably hv to migrate the project to latest version.
@LevKushnir - Do you have any project migrating guide for SAP projects from 18.4 to latest version


@LevKushnir - It would be great if SAP recording feature comes in latest version ?

@Prafull_B what do you mean by “SAP recording feature” ?

Hi Lev,

it works, the solution is the only enable scripting on server side.

Thanks a lot

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@LevKushnir i mean similar feature just like Citrix/Desktop/Web recorder which is already present
so could be great to have SAP recorder also

Desktop recording is working the same way for SAP. Just hit the button record and try it out


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