UiPath not able to recognize field element - Full pane highlight

Hello UiPath Experts,

I am facing a weird issue while trying to automate my process in SAP. When I try to use click activity or type into activity, the UiPath is not highlighted that specific field I want to use instead it recognizes the whole screen or pane.
(Please see the screenshot).

For example: If I try to use field material type, it is capturing all screen.
Please help me resolve the issue.

Udit Kapoor

is ensured that sap scripting is enabled?

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Hi ppr,

Thanks for your prompt response. Actually I was helping a friend by sharing screen and didn’t realize that she did not have the SAP GUI scripting installed. Thus, it was not working.

Thanks again for the help. Appreciate it.
Have a good day!

Udit Kapoor

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