Encounter a question at cert

Dear All,

yesterday I do the cert machine exam, and encounter a question.

it ask me to create 2 projects, and needs to connect to orchestrator, one is dispatcher, another is performer, so may I know, whether I need to create 2 projects base on the template ? But as I know the template can only do the perform, how to do the dispatcher ? hope someone can help me , thanks.

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Yes, we have to create two separate process. One is for Dispatcher and another one is for Performer.

Dispatcher - Dispatcher will fetch one by one transactionItems and will add it to Queue.

Performer - The performer processes all the transactions loaded by the Dispatcher to the queue.

Here, TransactionItem should be of type QueueItem and make sure you have to use same Queue Name in both processes.


you mean that process-dispatch is push the record one by one to orchestrator-queue, then process-perform is pull the record one by one from the orchestrator-queue ? then 2 process use the RFP template ? thanks.


Yes correct. Use REFramework.

RFP template means ?

sure, REF, typo.

but when we get the queue item, and I think it needs to get queueitem.SpecificContent(),do you know the correct grammar? thanks.



Here, TransactionItem is of Type ‘QueueItem’

sure, I found it, many thanks.

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oh…the network down…


Check now. I am able to login to ACME system.


no, I think maybe China issue, whatever I use mobile or PC or Laptop. :frowning:


Try after sometime.

now is ok , many thanks for help !

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one more question
ACME_URL and ACME_Credential I put to Config ‘Settings’ sheet, that is ok ? thanks.


Put ACME_URL in config file and Store ACME_Credential in either Orchestrator Assets or windows Credential Manager and put that asset Name in config file

But actually, I already set into the excel, it still said I am wrong!!!

I attached here, could you please help to check what ‘ s the wrong I have ? so sad……:frowning:




Config.xlsx (21.9 KB)

Furthermore, the exercise said

Add the **ACME_URL **and ACME_Credential to
the Excel Config file.

Then I add
**ACME_URL **and ACME_Credential
to excel

But ,the result rating said

check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,


As I know, the upper case and lower case has difference…….





It is case sensitive.

But, refer to my reply.

Is it really to ACME or acme ???

You can see the question is ACME, but the result is acme…. So confuse…

Another question is

At datatable filter function. If I want to filter the data new than ‘one date’

  • Filter the records where Date is newer than

e.g. I set “Date” >= “2018-01-01”, it is not work……… that is my another confuse. Could please help ?

if I invoke code to implement, that’s easy ,but I worry the machine not consider it is correct, because it ask me to use the Filter function…




Try Below one:

RequiredDT = ScrappedDT.select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’ AND Date>=‘2018-01-01’”).CopyToDataTable