Assignment 2 Dispatcher Question

Hi, I’m working on the Assignment 2 and I have a question.

My question is, I currently have the dispatcher and all of it’s UiPath Studio workflows in one folder and the performer and all it’s UiPath Studio workflows in another folder. To make sure everything runs correctly, should I just run the dispatcher, and then run performer, and if everything goes successfully, I’ll know I did it right?

Then, when I submit the work, do I just run both programs and submit those?


Yes the step is:

  1. Run dispatcher individually - pushes a ll your items to queue
  2. Run performer - picks from queue and process each item.

Once you are done.

  1. All queue items are successful
  2. All work-items report uploaded, comments updated and marked completed.

In the submission you just need to zip the performer folder and submit :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for the response, that sounds simple enough.

Should I have made any updates to Orchestrator? Unless I missed them, I didn’t see any instructions to do so within the PDD.

i think you mat already have created the queue and added that to the config file.
It was the the first step in the PDD

Ok, that sounds familiar. I thought I may have had to actually log in to the Orchestrator website and change something there but it doesn’t seem so.


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Well then all the best!

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