Do I Need to Enable Scripting On SAP Web Intelligence?

Hello, I heard that we need to enable scripting (both on server and client) when automating SAP applications. Do this applies to automatios using SAP’s Web Intelligence? And if it is, is the steps to enabling scripting is the same as the usual SAP ?

(Since it is web based I thought there was no need to enable it, but when I tried to Attach Browser on its window, it shows no selector or anything. Or is there another way to do this?)

Yes and no. It’s worth turning it on as long as it doesn’t cause too many issues with the IT department, however, it only adds certain extra functionality. That functionality is better because typically it will be using Simulate Click / Type activities where possible which are quicker and more accurate.

However, I’ve automated many processes in SAP without scripting turned on and it’s incredibly quick and accurate especially if you reduce the search area for Click Text by using clipping regions.

Hope that helps.



Hello @richarddenton, thank you for your clear response.

As in my case, turning it on will need to surpass some hassles in IT Department, so I decided to try how far it can go without turning the script on. And Attach Browser is working now after choosing a very unspecific selector and put some handling by closing the target app before running it (no multiple window). As long as I went, the Click and Type Into has no problem too.

Hi All,

I am new to SAP automation.

I was trying to enable scripting but could not get options for that below i m sharing page layout for
same. Please guide me how to enable it

Hello, I never tried enabling GUI script for SAP before,
but have you checked this link?

(The link seems old and different from your screenshot though)

Hi @whyyouandi I have gone through the article on UIpath website ,
But view of the SAP page is different.

When I am running without enabling scripting below is the issue coming



Guessed it.
Sorry, no knowledge in SP setting, let’s wait for other people who has knowledge in this.